Highlights of the Career of George Brunnhoelzl

George Brunnhoelzl, the legendary Nascar driver is legendary for his acts and bravery on the race car track. He is extremely special as he takes place as a third-generation race car driver, following his grandfather and father. Such a motivation and dedication is rare in a family. HE started to race at the mere age of twelve and had already taken home four wins within the next five years. At the age of sixteen, when most were just juggling high school, he won the titles Riverhead Rookie pf the Year in the year 1999. This was just his starting years of success. He sure did continue to place high in the awards and honors.

Highlights of the Career of George Brunnhoelzl

Awards and Accolades

From 2003 to 2006, George Bunhill got fifty-one pro cup starts, which is so exhausting and overflowing just to think about. How could a man have such talent? He also got a Riverhead pole I 2010 and four top ten in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour starts for sixteen sectors.

Specialized Career Highlights

Though he had many victories and awards, two facts of him are specially stood out no matter who hears of him. These were during his golden reign. HE first, carries a record for four NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour championships. This is magnificent and very rare amongst really any race car driver. In fact, he is plastered all over the tour as he holds such a grand title and everyone wants to brag about him. He also holds a record for the NASCAR Whelan Southern Modified Tour career since he placed first in 25 rounds of victories. He is truly a talent and quite a unique persona.  Have a look at some of those highlights.

Dated Highlight

Year-by-year Whelan Southern Modified Tour Recap

2006: His debut was made through two tours now.

2007: He was lucky enough to finish eight for his top-five finish.

2008: For eleven events, he finished seven events with success. He also got to be placed first for the Lanier.

2010: Whelan Modified tour was first placed in the northeast area.

2013: He extended for the finish with championship records held for four events. Twenty race wins during the season.

2014: Furnished second out of eleven. He was a career for six high for multiple wins. He was crowned for his success.


He overall is an amazing driver that receives more recognition then he receives. You should watch him and support him in his races. Also, his fathers and grandfather are also legends, so once you are done watching him, watch all the old school races. They will make you dizzy at their speed and wanting more action and excitement in your life. Racing is always the way to go.

What it Takes to Be a Nascar Champion

Like every other extreme sport, being a great racer isn’t something everyone can do. Nascar champions have certain traits and philosophies that don’t align with what most other people have. Becoming a champion requires you to change what you believe and to adopt different ideologies. Below are a few other the traits that Nascar champions possess.

What it Takes to Be a Nascar Champion


Having the ability to run head first into new situations and challenges is a very powerful asset. It is this ability to take huge risks that truly separates the men from the boys in the realm of Nascar racing. However, being fearless doesn’t mean that these champions are never fearful or scared. Fearlessness is the ability to motivate yourself to take on new challenges and situations. A racer who hopes for the best rather than planning for the worst will never become a champion. A champion is someone who is willing to risk everything for the chance to become one of the greats.


Being cocky is, for good reason, looked at as being annoying and is something that should be avoided. The perfect balance of confidence and cockiness can be found by looking at George Brunnhoelzl. A blend of big smiles and some showing off. It is important that you don’t forget all of your accomplishments. Instead, take pride in them and let others take pride in their accomplishments. It is also important to completely avoid over estimating yourself. Growing your ego too large can trip you up on the track. Being the best and “knowing” you are the best are two separate things.


Every Nascar champion has a lot of passion fueling them. You cannot become one of the greats without something to push you there when you are down. Passion for certain sports and activities isn’t learned as much as it is genetic or environmental. In an incredibly dangerous sport like car racing, passion is the only thing that’s going to keep you going, reasoning yourself through it cannot provide you with enough motivation. Being passionate enough to risk your life for the game is what it takes.

Being Yourself

You cannot fake or act your way to the top. It has to be real, or it is not sustainable. One of the best traits champions can have is to never forget where they started. Sadly, it is rare to see athletes thank and remember the people who helped them get to where they are. Fortunately, because of this, saying thanks makes a much bigger impact on the world. Every Nascar driver’s success is a product of the environment where they grew up and where they finally decided to start pursuing their passion. Forgetting your roots is possibly the biggest mistake you can make at the top.